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Ixora red - a corsage

A common flower in parts of Sindhudurga. a sheaf of cute little red flowers.

Related to the gardenia and coffee plants, Ixora is said to be native to Asia and whose name derives from an Indian deity. There are about 400 species spread from Africa to India to Southern Asia. They differ in leaf size, plant height, flower size and flower color. This plant which blooms throughout the year is easy to grow. The flowers are found in a wide range of colours. Plants are of two types- large; with height around 1 meter and dwarf or miniature plants. Miniature ones have small leaves and are bushy. Ixora flowers last well when picked and put into a vase with water, making an attractive home arrangement. Ixora flower has traditionally been associated with enhanced sexuality and the re-kindling of passion.

Not all ixoras are grown for flower color. For example, Ixora odorata from Madagascar ( requires tropical shade, produces huge 10-inch blooms on a 4-5 foot bush whose attraction is also a wonderful lingering scent. Excellent for shaded front door porches or backyard sitting areas
Almost all ixoras do best in full sun, acid soil, free from nematodes, a moist organic mix that is also well drained. Ixora can endure some salt spray on the wind. Planted in shady areas or with excess water on leaves, sooty mold usually sets in

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