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Wandering Destination: Rourkela

Wandering Destination: Rourkela

Vedvyaas on the banks of Koel river

Facts about Rourkela [1]:

  • The name Rour kela in the local tribal language of Sadri means "Our Village"
  • Fourth largest city of Odisha after Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Berhampur 
  • Rourkela is the industrial capital of Odisha.
  • RSP - One of the largest steel plants of SAIL is situated here.
  • It also has one of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) of the country.
  • City is surrounded by a range of hills and encircled by rivers. 
  • Any weather season is extreme here. 


NIT Rourkela campus


Indira Gandhi Park (IGP)


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  1. Lovely! I am now inspired to visit Rourkela which, till I read your blog post, I thought was a boring industrial town.

    1. Thanks Kalpanaa. Every cloud has silver lining. Apart from these destinations in Rourkela, there are many spots around it. I will certainly write after I travel there :-)

  2. This is a handy guide for those who would be willing to visit Roorkela! Very nice post...

    The Arts & Me

  3. Firstly , I didn't actually know the meaning of Rourkela... and secondly thanks for the useful information... :-)

  4. Nice pics & Info Paresh. very inviting


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