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“Look, I'm not an intellectual - I just take pictures.”
Helmut Newton

iClick !

A newly married couple enjoying a photo shoot at Raja-Rani Temple which is crowded otherwise. I overheard the conversation among them when they finished the shoot and sat on the desks nearby.

Boy said to the girl very innocently (please imagine original conversation in typical Hindi tone), " Do you know what a megapixel is? My mobile has 5 MP camera. You don't require expensive cameras to shoot, even my 5K worth mobile does better than that !".

Girl's face was happy and she felt proud for her husband :-)

Family first: At Dhauli a visitor capturing images of his family. Dhauli shanti stupa has many statues and sculptures depicting life of Buddha. Everyone was engaged taking a snap with those idols. None cared to take or let other take a picture of Buddha alone. Somehow I manged to get human-free shots already posted here.

Synchronized acrobatics : Visitors spot something in the premises of Dhabaleshwar temple, most probably another temple. One tourist spot something, other rushes in to capture the same. 

Who among you is the copy-cat? remember god is watching ! :-)

Stock photography : an event photographer at Kedar-Gauri temple shoots some images to be used for mixing for the event-album.

“It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness.” Paul Strand

Who is the real monkey? : A group of boys did very less sightseeing, however manage to attract monkey. Such behavior of attracting wildlife especially monkeys, for food has created problems. I have seen monkeys attack tourists for food to become snatchers at many zoos, Elephanta caves, Khandgiri caves etc. 

I observed people and their behavior at Khandgiri caves. People visit the spots just for fun, never bother about knowing the historical importance of the place, shoot plenty of photos and they go off to other place ! During the small stay they spoil the site with inscriptions on the walls of monuments about there love, litter with leftover food items, destroy the gardens around and wish government to do something ! 

When some movie releases which talks about anarchy, misbeliefs, and political use of religion, people protests ! Where are those hooligans now? Why don't they spread awareness about real history and culture of India? Why don't they educate people about not to ruin the assets of vivid Indian culture and protect it for next generations? 

Inception: I posted this photo on FB and asked friends to entitle it. Inception was the best among lot. 

Be professional: A dancer shoots for her portfolio at Raj-Rani temple. Raja Rani temple is a good spot to carry out theme based photography. Proud to see foreigners come a long way to learn something from Indian tradition, respect it and convey their understandings to others back in their country. 

Note: The opinions expressed in this post is not to target any individual. These are comments made on general behavior of the public at common and tourist places.


  1. We Indians are, I think, not even close to posing for the camera like our Korean counterparts. Selfies with a selfie stick, cute antics for the camera, taking pics everywhere, every time, all the time!!!

    I love your shots though :D

  2. Wonderful captures! Now I'm tempted to see Raja-Rani Temple. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Great captures and I liked the dialogues that accompanied the piece.

  4. Great post - and great photos.
    Please come share at

  5. Awesome! Am really happy that U've covered Bhubaneswar & its outskirts so well! Visit again & again 2 capture more wondrous sites in & around Bhubaneswar! Have U visited Buddhist sites only abt 100 km away from Bhubaneswar?! They are really stunning & U mst visit! I've written abt them here: Amrita-International Buddhist Conference,Bhubaneswar


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