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वर्तुळाची हिन दिशा,
अव्यक्त भावनांचा कुंचला,
अस्पष्ट रंगांनी अशा,
जीवनपट माझा रंगला ,
आयुष्य माझे गझल 
आजचा उदयाला मेळ कुठे,
सुखाचा जाईल क्षण,
मेख ओळखावी तिथे,
अंधाऱ्या गूढ रात्रीचा 
कुठेसा काजवा चमकतो 
असेल अपुरा प्रकाश त्याचा
आशेला पुरेसा होतो .

Colorful rocks at Birtola

Colorful rocks at Birtola

Near Bireswar temple, in the bed of Brahmani river during the summer when the water level is low, the colorful rocks shining metallic can be easily accessed. Every year, rocks change the colors and shapes. The surface textures, colors, and patterns are exclusive to watch. Here are some of the rock structures photographed this summer of 2016.

Basic Photography workshop for trekkers

Basic Photography workshop for trekkers

After the success of the short film-making workshop last year we are organising a basic photography workshop this year. The objective of this workshop is to acquaint participants with basic photography techniques, photo enhancement using post processing techniques and provide practical tips for capturing landscapes, monuments and macro photographs while trekking.

Girimitra Sammelan in conjunction with Maharashtra Seva Sangh organises one-day basic photography workshop for trekkers on 24th April 2016.

Timing : 09.00 am to 6.00 pm

Venue : Maharashtra Seva Sangh, Mulund (West).

Who should attend

Beginners, hobbyists, and serious amateurs who wish to take their photography knowledge one step further.


  • Basic photography techniques
  • Post processing
  • Tips for photography while trekking (landscapes, monuments and small objects)


Dr Paresh Kale :

Mr Vivek Kale:


Rs 300/- which includes:
  • Morning breakfast.
  • Lunch
  • Evening tea
  • Expertise

Prior registration is mandatory.

For registration kindly transfer Rs.300/- per head in the following A/c
  • The Shamrao Vithal Co-Op Bank LTD (SVC)
  • In the name of: Rajas Vidyadhar Deshpande
  • A/C no.: 113603130000630
  • A/C Type: Saving A/c
  • Branch: Bhandup East
  • IFSC Code: SVCB0000136

and fill the form:

For registration Contact:

Mr Rajas Deshpande

Mr Rahul Meshram

All text copied from the advertisement by the organisers.



करते अजुनी तितकेच प्रेम,
म्हणुन काळजी आहे तुझी !
वाटु नको माझे सर्व क्षेम,
कालची रात्र जागुन गेली !

Rang De tu Mohe "Mehuwa"

Rang De tu Mohe "Mehuwa"

Madhuca longifolia is an Indian tropical tree found largely in the central and north Indian plains and forests. It is commonly known as mahua, mahwa.It is a fast-growing tree that grows to approximately 20 meters in height, possesses evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage. It is adapted to arid environments, being a prominent tree in tropical mixed deciduous forests in India.

The tree is considered a boon by the tribals who are forest dwellers and keenly conserve this tree.  It produces between 20 and 200 kg of seeds annually per tree, depending on maturity. Most of the leaves fall from February to April, and during that time, the musky-scented flowers appear. The surrounding looks serene due to the yellowish dried leaves and the brown branch colors. The whole place turns green once the spring starts somewhere in the month of April. The transition from the shading the leaves to the new green leaves is spectacular to watch due the color change.


Flowers hang in close bunches of a dozen or so from the end of the gnarled, grey branchlets. It is at night that the tree blooms and at dawn each short-lived flower fall to the ground. A couple of months after the flowering period the fruit opens. They are fleshy, green berries, quite large and containing from one to four shiny, brown seeds. 

The delicious and nutritive flowers are used to produce an alcoholic drink in tropical India. Flowers are fermented to produce the alcoholic drink mahuwa, a country liquor. The main ingredients used for making it are chhowa gud (granular molasses) and dried mahuwa flowers. The liquor produced from the flowers is largely colourless, with a whitish tinge and not very strong. The taste is reminiscent of sake with a distinctive smell of mahua flowers. It is inexpensive and the production is largely done in home stills.

Tribals of Bastar in Chhattisgarh and peoples of Orissa, Santhals of Santhal Paraganas (Jharkhand), Koya tribals of North-East Andhra Pradesh and tribals of North Maharashtra consider the tree and the mahuwa drink as part of their cultural heritage. Mahuwa is an essential drink for tribal men and women during celebrations. It is considered holy by many tribal communities because of its medical usefulness.

Info and some images from: Wikipedia and flowers of India



Completed almost one and half year with brilliant Tata Nano. A practical car for a small family leaving in urban area. Salute to Mr. Tata for this fabulous product designed for and made in India. Here are some nano-scapes for you.

At Rourkela airport

At Bamra Solar Power Plant

At Kansabhal Dam

On the way back to Rourkela from Kharikamunda

Near Chandiposh among the Mehua jungle !