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11 Essential things to do when starting a new blog

11 Essential things to do when starting a new blog

  • Remember 'Quality Content' win the race of best blog. Other measures may be good for start, quality is for long race.
  • Read more and more related to blog design, enrichment of content, tools for blog development. You can always borrow good elements from other blog such as : subject, how-to do stuff etc. 
  • Choose the name of the blog wisely. It should reflect the creativity and information about the blog simultaneously. Instead of repeating common names and tags, try to be creative. Name of the blog is the brand name. 
  • Draft at-least 25 good main articles and schedule it spread over next 2 month. Draft 50 filler articles and schedule it in between the main articles. Filler article can be top lists, favorites, to-do things, quotes, photos etc. After one or two months start promoting your blog.
  • Start 2 or 3 blogs simultaneously, one of them must be your main blog. For example: Main blog may include your strong, important articles including photographs etc where as your supportive blog may include just the photographs. Interlink the three blogs by cross posting, references and support links. 
  • Consistency is another key : Always keep on correcting, updating, interlinking your blog. 
  • Start inter linking the blog posts. Plan main article first and then start supporting articles, it makes linking easy. 
  • Register your blog on various blog directories (indiblogger, marathiblog), blog promoting sites (stumbleupon, pin-interest), search engines (Google, yahoo). Post at least one article daily to increase your rank. 
  • Don't worry about stats initially. Concentrate on blog design and quality of articles. Here quantity follows quality. Add good tools such as popular articles, related post, RSS feed, followers, social plugins to keep reader engaged. Don't add too much and make chaos. 
  • Labels and key-words are important for search related issues. Add most suitable labels to widen the abilities for articles to get searched. 
  • Create FB page, Google + page and arrange for automatic posting of your blog article on it. This will help to create viewership and increase traffic. 


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