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KISS principle and minimalism explained

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KISS stands for 'keep it straight and simple'. One of the objective of photography is to convey the ideas in simplest manner possible. Keep the chaos and clutter at minimal. Such technique is called as minimalism. The usual rules of photo composition are applied. 

Minimalism can be achieved by several ways:
  •         1. Having minimum objects and colors  in the frame
  •         2. Blurring the background  while focusing the subject
  •         3. Silhouette
  •         4. Complimentary color
  •         5. Texture photography

First photo, where two wall cupboard (ambry, a recess in a wall with shelves and shutters; a cupboard in the wall.) are shown, uses the fi
rst way to achieve minimalism. Wall cupboards on plain brown wall lit by a slanted light source. Angle of light imparts the depth to the object placed symmetrically on either side to balance the image.

Second image uses blur technique. A macro lens is focused on the thorn-like part of the flower and background gets blurred because of low f-number / large aperture. 

A silhouetted tree against the blue sky is the perfect contrast possible is another fascinating way to achieve minimalism. Another example is typical silhouette images taken after sunset. Sahyadri range is against the light and hence black, where as sky is vividly colored.

Blurring the background - flower

Silhouette of tree against blue sky

A green branch of shrub against the blue sky

Sahyadri range after sunset , Vangani

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