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Top 14 reasons to blog

Top 14 reasons to blog

  1. Share information: Whatever one writes on services provided by Blogger or WordPress etc. makes it a blog article. It may be about travel, poetry, article  photo, virtually any text or visual form. Necessarily information is always shared which may be useful to somebody somewhere in the world.
  2. Share knowledge: Information helps learning and learning deeply adds to Knowledge. Some smart tricks and tips may be shared over the blog, which may speed-up others progress.
  3. Spread positiveness: Often subjects of blog are pleasant, mind-re-freshening. They spread a positive thought making reader happy.
  4. Help others: According to Bhagavadgita, a sacred text from India, Do good work and don't expect any returns. Blog is perfect example.
  5. Get famous: Imparting knowledge and helping others starts others to like you. Every good thing is shared by people. Mouth publicity is best publicity.
  6. To let world know your identity: Whats the purpose of life? For some it may be to earn money, to explore, to invent etc. To make your identity is the basis for every such purpose.
  7. Make this world better: Who knows, a small write-up may become life-changer for many. Writing a blog, may be helpful to make this world somewhat better, if not whole.
  8. Learn from others and keep updated: Knowledge is the ultimate aim for human being. This species has always remained curious about unknown. Also being updated on our interests is always beneficial.
  9. To make money: blog can become a source for earning, directly or indirectly. You might be paid for every article you write or blog might spread about your business.
  10. Improving PR: Public relations makes the half of the business. let people know what are your interest. Those have similar ones might be attracted through blogging. 
  11. To free-up mind: Writing about hobby, your daily activity or the ideas anything is accepted on the blogs. There is always readership for everything. So its not about subject its about start-up  Engaging your mind in some constructive habit may free-up your mind from stress.
  12. Passing time and fun making: Instead of wasting time why not to pass it constructively with equal fun. Also blogging has many advantages as listed here.
  13. To Make friends: Making fun alone, not good. Blog do help making friends.
  14. Maintaining Status: Ya, for some people this might also be a good reason. 


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