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9 Simple ways to save energy: Money isn't all you are saving

9 Simple ways to save energy: Money isn't all you are saving

" One who uses more has more chance to save."

1. Prioritize saving water with added energy:

Saving water is obvious, but can we prioritize it? Yes! Be cautious when throwing cold water, water from overhead tank. The simple reason being these form water has used more energy than normal water. Wasting a glass of cold water, adds wastage of electricity used for cooling. Same is the case with tap water received from overhead tank which is pumped high. Same logic can be extended to any processed commodity, specially basic requirements. e.g. food, cloths.

2. Start using 'Matka' (Clay pot):

In summer thirst for chilled water increases. Misunderstanding is chilled water quenches thirst better. Our body doesn't need water too cold. Cold water also slows down the digestion. Change in temperature do decrease the life of teeth  Water called in 'desi matka' is enough cold, and it actually quenches the thirst.
There is another indirect advantage of Matka in saving electricity. More frequently you open the door of refrigerator, more energy is required to cool the newly introduced relatively hot air inside fridge. The frequency of opening is increased as the requirement of drinking water is more. Start using matka for water and save number of door openings.

3. Use of CFL lamp / electronic tube:

Replace incandescent bulb, old fluorescent tubes with either CFL or electronic tubes (ET) as per requirement. Although CFL/ ET costs more initially, their payback period is less than six months. Quality of light is added advantage.

" If every house in India could save 1 unit per month, it is equivalent to setting up a large power plant."

4. More stars, more saving:

Opt for electric equipment with more star rating in case of high power consuming equipment . This star rating is introduced by BEE, India. Simple mathematics will show, high initial investment doesn't matter as running costs outrun it in few years.

5. Switch OFF unused electrical equipment immediately:

Have an habit to switch off PC monitor, fan, TV immediately when not in use. Use power saving options for PC, TV. It helps if one is not good at switching them OFF. Setting them is one time effort of few minutes.

6. Take advantage of scaling:

This is specially for housewives. Normally you buy  and store grocery sufficient for month or or two. Try to perform some cooking operations may be once or twice: such as frying ground nuts, Rava. Not only it saves energy also it saves your cooking time. Every time you make upma, you don't have to roast Rava.
Electric iron is heavy consumer of electricity. Its common practice to iron one dress daily. which is wrong. Heating and cooling the iron everyday, wastes around 66% of energy.  this large amount can be saved if cloths are ironed together on week ends or so.
Logic can be extended to more activities: Taking meals together (Saves frequent heating of food increasing food quality and also helps increased family interaction time.), washing clothes, watching TV etc.

"Apply common sense to save energy."

7. Start house keeping decreasing gym-time:

One in hand is better than two in bush. Instead of doing exercise to burn calories and wasting money simultaneously (in case of gym), its better to start house keeping. I don't say complete replacement, but exercise time can be limited, and using saved time in some house-hold activities. It may be gardening, watering the plants, playing with children (not in-house) etc. Calories will be burnt via constructive working.

8. Less use of automated vehicles / lift:

Stop using petrol / diesel based vehicles for small tasks. People use vehicle to go to market near by to home, people use lift to go just two floor up or down. Unless essential, stop such non-sense use. Move and walk ! Use Cycle when possible. It will keep you enthusiastic and healthy ! Less use of precious oil will save foreign currency and help inflation down.

"I know, just one person cant do it but together we can. "

9. Become sensitive towards food, water and energy:

. There is high number of population lives in the world, who starve for these basic requirements. Wasting any of these, increases the demand, increasing cost and making it more impossible for those poor. You earn more doesn't permit you to waste fundamental commodities.  Money is not a permit for you to affect others living.
God has blessed you, now its your time to share this joy with others. Become sensitive and start saving today !

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