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Save water - Its precious

Save water - Its precious

We all know, water is precious and every drop being wasted must be saved. Lot is talked about water when there is scarcity, when in some part of the world people are facing famine, when for a day or two there is no water supply. Not only with water, it happens with every commodity, may it be electricity, food, LPG gas or even mobile battery.  When mobile battery is low, user starts caring and saving the battery till next recharge. Once fully charged, without any bothering, uncontrolled usage continues. To fight the shortage the simplest route is to save the commodity by optimizing the use, minimizing the wastage and - in case its water - recycling and rain-water harvesting are few among many measures. But these macro-measures are too technical, community based and requires higher literacy (?). There is a reason for this bracketed question mark and also the reason to post this article.

When I was roaming in Vangani, I came across a tap which was loose and wasting so much of water. It usually happens because of no maintenance, repairs, laziness and ignorance towards value of water. Accepted to a certain extent, but are these excuses acceptable if plenty of water is being wasted? 

I came across a genius way to save this water, and not surprisingly it was simple and was brainchild of not so highly educated human - my guess. Fellow used a plastic bottle ( 2lt. soft-drink pet bottle), made a hole to insert the broken tap and attached the pipe to the bottle mouth. The splashes of water, previously uncollected and wasted, were now stopped by the bottle and routed out via bottle mouth to the pipe. Water saved ! 

A small idea can change the world, isn't it?


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