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Flowering Tree: Spathodea campanulata (African tulip tree)

Commonly known as African tulip tree, this spectacular evergreen plant is introduced to India. Its a large tree which can grow up to 80 ft. It blooms in the spring. The glorious flowers are orange in color and peak blooming is seen in spring months. 

Quick Facts:
Common Name: African Tulip Tree, Fountain tree
Botanical Name: Spathodea campanulata
Family:  Jacaranda
Best seen on the IITB campus: Behind staff hostel on lake side road, besides mechanical engg. dept. in new medical garden, on the turn towards SBI ATM in Tansa


  1. Any idea if The African tulip tree is a water guzzler? We have planted a few and wondering if they will drain our water resources. The saplings are young now, do we need to rethink? Do their roots damage compound walls ?

    1. Sindhu, better u asked it in right time. I have always seen these trees near to water sources. Surface roots may cause damage to the compound wall. Dont plant it near the house. Its a weak plant. It gives alot of shade as well.


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