Flowering Trees: Gilricidia sepium (गिरी पुष्प / उन्दरी )

Its a deciduous tree and introduced from Mexico. As it belongs to Pea family, is used for nitrogen fixation and improving quality of soil. It can attain a height up-to 10 m. Tree shades it leaves during February / March. Flowers are bright, pinkish in color and are present in bunch. Ants are often seen feeding on them Its also food plant for many butterflies, specially from the "Blue" category. Its host plant for Pea Blue, common cerulean. During ore-monsoon season, hundreds are Pea-blues are seen near this trees. I am not sure if this tree is also called as उन्दरी in Marathi, as bark is used as rat poison. Fruits are elongated sticks, approx 10 cm in length.

Qucik Facts: 
Common Name: Mexican Lilac, Mother of Cocoa, Quickstick
Botanical Name: Gilricidia sepium
Family: Pea / Fabaceae
Marathi Name: गिरी पुष्प / उन्दरी
Location on IITB Campus: All along fence common to SGNP of medical garden, hill side





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