Flowering Trees: Helicteres isora ( मुरुड शेंग )

Flower of Indian Screw Tree

A significant plant in terms of ecological and medical use. Its a small tree which grows upto 2 meters. It flowers in September-October. This post-monsoon period is also a high season for butterflies. Butterflies like emigrant , tailed Jay, Wanderer etc. are often seen nectoring on these flowers. Small birds like flower peckers and sun bird favors this plant for nectoring. Red flowers turn pale white when old. Twisted shape of the fruit impart its name "Indian screw plant" to it. 

Quick Facts:
Common Name: Indian Screw Tree
Botanical Name: Helicteres isora
Family: Cacao
Marathi Name: मुरुड शेंग
Location on IITB Campus: Most common tree on Hill side ( in the valley), medical garden

Flower pecker on Murud Sheng

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