Celosia argentea (कुर्डू)

Silver cockscomb, a Flowering herb, is often neglected considering it to be grass / weed. It belongs to amaranth family and can prove striking garden flower as well. These are in pinkish - silvery white color, spike like structure and are vertically oriented. Flowers are like crest or plum and flowers in plenty. Its a much attractive plant when plantation is considered. It doesn't require shade, rather grown best in sunlight. Plant grows better when the dried flowers are removed. These dry flowers can be used to grow more plants. Mostly seen after monsoon season. Flower attracts plenty of butterflies for nectoring, specially the skippers. Skippers have long tentacles and therefore can penetrate well within flowers to grasp the food. Stem of the flower is long, thus can be useful for flower arrangement to be made with long necked flower-pot. Plant can grow upto 3-4 ft.

Quick Facts:
Name: Silver Cockscomb, Marathi : कुर्डू
Botanical name: Celosia argentea / spicata
Family: Amaranth
Best seen on IITB campus: Old medical garden

By Paresh Kale


  1. These flowers are abundantly used by Flocks of Sparrows for feeding! had seen them feeding at arnd 5 in evneing...!!


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