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Flowering Trees: Bixa orellana (शेंदरी)

A small evergreen tree, originating from Myanmar / Burma). Flowers in October to December. Flowers with five petals and are off-white / pinkish in color, approx. 6 cm in diameter. Flower occurs in a bunch at the end of the branch. This tree is cultivated variety in India, although its native from Burma. The seeds are crushed to obtain yello-orange pigments and are used as dye for food, cosmetic and soap industries. Coloration property of the seeds might be reason it is also called "lipstick Tree". It is reported host plant of Tricolor Pied Flat.

Quick Facts:
Common Name: Lipstick Tree / Annatto
Botanical Name: Bixa orellana
Family: Annatto
Marathi Name: शेंदरी
Location on IITB campus: Medical garden, many of them planted left side of entrance.


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