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Flowering Trees - Cannon Ball Tree ( नागचाफा / कैलासपती)

Flower of Canon Ball Tree

Bunch of flowers and fruit string

Second in the flowering Tree series, is the post on "canon ball tree". It is listed as rare tree and flower in India [1]. It grows up-to 80 ft high and flowers in around December. Flower has six petals. Reddish inside and yellowish outside. Tremendously aromatic and smell can be felt strongly in near-by area. Inside structure is horizontal "U" shape. This inner structure is the reason it is offered to Lord Shiva and hence name in Marathi, as some thinks.

This Brazilian native takes its English name due to characteristic canon-ball like shape of its fruits. Fruits have rusty colored hard shell and are heavy. Number of fruits are connected in string and tree bears them directly to the trunk. The Cannonball Tree possesses antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiseptic and analgesic qualities [2] and hence used for medical purpose.

Quick Facts:
Common Name: Canon Ball Tree
Botanical Name: Couroupita guianensis
Family: Barringtonia
Marathi Name: कैलासपती / नागचाफा/ नागलिंग
Location on campus: Only one in parking lot near staff club.

Flower close-up


  1. Apratim.....i saw Huge tree wth flowers in Nair Hospital campus near canteen area.

    1. TY Sujata. In Mumbai there are variety of tree still standing, but number is too low. :-)

  2. I had saw in pune city only one huge tree in panchaleswar mandir at deccan

  3. oh yes we have these here in Trinidad alongside the Queens Park Savannah in Port of Spain

    have a nice Thursday

    much love...

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  6. पुणे विद्यापीठाच्या मागील हिरवळीजवळही हे झाड आहे. मराठीत तोफगोळा असेही नाव आहे.

    1. Thank you Arvind ji. It is bit uncommon tree. Specially in big cities, it is a rare find !

    2. At Pune Vaikunth Dhaam there is one as well as per my info.

    3. Somebody from pune has commentted here that a tree is planted near panchaleswar mandir at deccan

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  8. hello
    this plant is also in my city UPLETA,located in Rajkot district,Gujarat,India.
    it is really very beautiful....

  9. Hey, where can i find this tree ?
    I was intrested in its fruit as i have to carry some Project work on it .
    I found one in J.J school of arts @cst , but unfortunately it doesnot have any fruit !

  10. How to plant it? Can we take out seeds from the fruit and sow it?

  11. This is very butiful tree...
    I see this tree in Pune... NIBM campus..


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