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Lime Blue (Chilades laius)

Fresh Lime Blue 

Lime Blue female egg laying on Lime
Lime Blue (Chilades laius) belongs to Lycaenidae family. It is small butterfly, grayish in colorWe were able to observe its life-cycle. As its name suggest its larval host plants includes Lime plants. We observed its larva on small lime tree in Medical garden. Larva was easy to detect even though it is well camouflaged. Ants constantly follow larva, so in order to find Lime Blue's larva just follow the trail of ants. On the same plant we were able to find many empty pupa. This plant had many curled leaves. Lime blue caterpillar took advantage of this to make the pupa. Pupa were well concealed inside curled leaves of plant. It seemed that ants were attaining pupa also. We saw two pupa made very near to each other on same curled leaf. Lime Blue is seemed to be common in immediate post mansoon months. Again they were mainly encountered around Hill side. 

Lime Blue pupa in secluded leaf of lime, held on palm 
Key to ID this butterfly is the "L"shaped dots on its hind wings. Sex are dissimilar, female has black outlines on UP, which are absent in male. Here is a video Describing association of ants with lime blue caterpillar on lime tree.

Quick Facts:
Common Name: Lime Blue
Scientific Name: Chilades laius
Wingspan: approx 25-20 mm
Status: Locally Common.

Lime Blue
Pulpit rock
Pulpit rock
Pulpit rock
Early stage Pupa
Pulpit rock
Early Stage Pupa
Pulpit rock
Pupa just before eclosion
Pulpit rock
Pupa Just before eclosion
Pulpit rock
A different specimen

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