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Wandering Destination : Matheran

Road to heaven?...Matheran
A famous tourist weekend destination and hill station. Pollution free zone due to some strict rules regarding vehicles and environment. Basically its a plateau at a height of about 1800 mt. Temperature in summer doesn't go above 30 deg.cel. Pretty good destination for photography post-monsoon. Stunning waterfalls,  exquisite landscapes, mesmerizing fog, curvy roads, breath taking valleys, grand panoramas, drizzles, in short everything for memorable weekend. Birds in and after winter is good attraction. We went there for butterflies three times in different season with different approaches. All the three trips proved miserable. Lifers for us was peacock royal sighting. Otherwise the common ones.

Map of Matheran
Toy train - runs between Neral and Matheran

Lonely trails , easy to walk around.

Pained lady - Butterfly often found in Matheran
To reach Matheran one can opt by-road option or peaceful local train option. Get down at "Neral" station and take a share taxi to Matheran. Toy train takes pretty long, about 1.5 hours. It may be fun post monsoon. During monsoon the train doesnt run due to land slide dangers. Taxi drops visitor at entrance. No vehicle is allowed further this point. Charge for Neral-Matheran taxi is 60 Rs (March 12) and entrance ticket is 25 Rs (March 12). Parking charges as per vehicle type. 

Few spots of interests in Matheran:
  • Alexander Pt.
  • Little Chowk Pt
  • Big Chowk Pt
  • One Tree Hill Pt
  • Belvedere Pt
  • Olympia Race Course
  • Lords Pt
  • Charlotte Lake
  • Celia Pt (Actually a water fall mouth)
  • Echo Pt.
  • Sun Set Pt
  • Panorama Point (Sun Rise Pt)
  • Louisa Point
Roadside waterfalls during rainy season

Panoramic view of Matheran valley


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  3. Very well said. You have provided the most simplest but informative and helpful ways about Matheran I really learned a lot.A famous tourist weekend destination and hill station. Pollution free zone due to some strict rules regarding vehicles and environment.
    Matheran Hill station is a great place to relax & enjoy.

    1. Thanks Pratiksha and welcome to the blog. I am happy that it was helpful :-)

  4. Nice post with beautiful photos of matheran. If you are looking for weekend gateways near pune to get relaxed from daily routine then matheran is best place to spend weekends.

    1. Thnx Amit for visiting blog. Keep following for more.

  5. Several spots in Matheran offer panoramic and splendid views of the local surroundings, including the picturesque Charlotte Lake, which is a major draw for tourists. For those who want to carry souvenirs back home, the Matheran Bazaar is a fun-filled, exciting choice. Check out all 57 best places to visit in Matheran.


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